In chat, almost everything works as a reply to a specific message, including oneboxes. The only thing that doesn't seem to work as a reply is an uploaded image. Even if I hit the reply button before uploading the image, it will always be posted like an empty message.

Curiously, even if I post an image that has already been uploaded, as a link, such that it oneboxes, I can do so as a reply. Apart from the little reply-arrow, this even looks identical to a freshly uploaded image (and I suspect that behind the scenes, uploading actually does just generate a onebox to the uploaded image's link).

So I guess I can currently work around this, by uploading the image first (e.g. by inserting it into a post on main which I then never submit), and then posting the link as a reply, but that seems rather like a rather annoying workflow.

So would it be possible, to take replies into account when uploading images, too?

  1. Upload the image as you always do

  2. Click "edit" or your up-arrow

  3. Click this arrow to reply

    (or select "reply to this message" in the popup which appears by clicking down-arrow)

  4. You'll see something like this:

    Hit ur Enter!

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