Should self-answered, correct or at least good looking, but still off-topic questions be VTC as all other off-topic? Wouldn't that be to rude against OP? Would such question be profitable anyway?

I don't have any example handy, but I thought about such situation. Someone asks a question and gives good formatted answer, that is correct and can be (?) profitable for future users, but is in the same time directly off-topic, because for example covers very large area or is opinion-based.

For example: "How to write a simplest URL shortener in Yii?". Such question is blatantly too broad and also opinion based, but along with this question we're already getting a good quality, working answer and solution. Would that be future-profitable? Should I VTC such question as well?

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1. Edit it. - If you think the post can be edited to remain within the scope of the site, do so yourself, or leave a comment asking someone else (or the OP) to do so. Especially if the answer is targeted and of good quality, the question can be easily edit to match the answer.

2. Migrate it. - You can always flag to migrate it to a site where it would be considered on-topic. (Not enabled on beta sites, so you will have to flag it for a moderator)

3. Add the soft-question tag - Some sites (like Math SE) have a soft-question tag, which can be used for rather broad-based questions (Example: Do mathematicians, in the end, always agree).

4. Vote to close. - If neither option works, the community policy is to close the question. The answer maybe a really good (broad) response to a broad question, but that is not the kind of content hosted on Stack Exchange. It is a site for targeted Q&A only.

You can always save a copy of the content before it is removed, or even upload to a site that lets users do so. (For example, you could make a pdf and host it on Google Drive).

Then again, SE is run by the community; so if the community decides to make an exception for an exceptional post, so it will be.

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