The landing page of stackoverflow.com in June 2004 looked something like this:

enter image description here

Suddenly, in July of 2008 there was a teaser of the site to come:

enter image description here

The link goes to the original Stack Overflow blog. Jump ahead a bit and there's the Stack Overflow we know and love -- albeit not as sleek then:

enter image description here

Here's my question: Did Stack Exchange -- or, rather, the folks who became the founders -- ever buy a "premium" domain? Whether for Stack Overflow, Super User, Ask Ubuntu, or even stackexchange.com itself.


Partial answer: Jeff Atwood spent 10K on superuser.com. His tweet of May 29, 2009 says:

seriously considering paying $10k for what I think is a pretty killer domain name. Is this a bad idea? Am I crazy? somebody hold me!

Next day, Super User was announced. The announcement says "And now that I’ve secured the third domain name..." and gives more details about the acquisition.

I was thrilled to be able to secure the domain name superuser.com from fellow geek (and dual-class photographer / sysadmin) Noah Beil. As I’ve mentioned before, naming is hard, and it’s so rare to find a name that a) I like, and b) is available. Noah had actually heard of Stack Overflow and even used it a few times to find answers to JavaScript questions; of all the offers for the domain he had gotten over the years, this was the first one he felt was a good fit.

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