I occasionally get a bit enthusiastic and jog on over to one of the SE Betas to propose changes to minor things that don't quite smell right (generally re-tagging, or tag-synonymizing (the proposal restrictions to which, I detest), for example).

Generally, I try to ask the Beta Meta whether a change should be made, but I have jumped the gun on occasion (and have no problem reverting if requested to). Other times, I wait, but for how long? And how much positive feedback should I wait for before enacting a change? I'd say we have about 3-4 really "active" people doing the work there, but since it's a slow-paced SE community, "active" doesn't necessarily mean "present", and let's get real : I don't expect unpaid moderators to check in or answer every meta question.

Good feedback (4 upvotes, comments by 3+ people) sometimes takes a few weeks. Sometimes I might have already taken action due to my own impatience and excitement.

In general, how long should one be patient for?

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    You can't really generalize this; it's going to vary based on the specifics of both the community and the action in question.
    – Servy
    Mar 19, 2015 at 20:43
  • @servy - Well, I thought it might be a bit general when asked, which is why I threw it here. One might suspect that there is a grouping of generic questions that should be default-asked on each individual meta.
    – JoshDM
    Mar 19, 2015 at 21:20

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To me there is no hard and fast "rule" as to how long to wait and I have been through one Beta (now a much larger site) and am currently in another.

In general, if I have an idea for how to improve a site I bring it up on its Meta then:

  • if all I get is agreement, I may start to implement within a few days
  • if all I get is silence, I may start to implement after a week or two
  • if I get some disagreement, mixed with support, I re-phrase my idea, and watch to see whether general consensus emerges before implementing (or abandoning)
  • if I get strong disagreement and no support then I re-think my idea (and probably abandon it)

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