Is there an option to view what percentage of questions in a community have an accepted answer?

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If you can live with data that is at maximum 7 days old you can use The Stack Exchange Data Explorer to query for that data.

I've created this query that uses a small generating query to create a query that runs across all databases and is an union of this query:

select (select 
        from [StackOverflow].dbo.posts 
        where posttypeid=1 
        and acceptedanswerid is not null), 
       (select count(*) 
        from [StackOverflow].dbo.posts 
        where posttypeid=1),  


This is the top 10 of communities with the highest percentage of accepted questions, at the date of posting:

site                |# Accepted          |#Questions          |Perc
Puzzling            |1476                |1855                |79,5687331536388
Spanish             |1610                |2124                |75,8003766478343
German              |3527                |4662                |75,6542256542257
Rpg                 |8409                |11406               |73,7243556023146
French              |2018                |2744                |73,5422740524781
Japanese            |4272                |5812                |73,5030970406056
Russian             |838                 |1185                |70,7172995780591
Boardgames          |3525                |5045                |69,8711595639247
Homebrew            |2408                |3563                |67,5834970530452
Outdoors            |1204                |1786                |67,4132138857783
  • Thank you! This is what I'm finding.
    – 0x2b3bfa0
    Mar 23, 2015 at 9:02
  • Ask Ubuntu at the bottom I expect :P
    – Tim
    Mar 23, 2015 at 20:01

Sure, this is possible using the built in search of every site.

For example on MSE itself:

Gives 0.496 which is 49.6% questions with accepted answer.

Worth to warn that the "answered" percentage that can be seen in the full list of sites is not related to acceptance, it means questions with at least one answer that has positive score. (88% answered for MSE for example)


On this link, you find an overview of all sites, the amount of questions, the percentage of questions answered, and more.

Camil Staps answered this and then deleted it, however I appreciate his response.

The percentage answered figure is the proportion of questions that have an answer with a positive score or an accepted answer, not just the questions that have an accepted answer.

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