I didn't notice this earlier but for some reason it looks like the query parameter functionality is broken for me when editing a query.

If I run this query from the edit view

declare @title nvarchar(50) = ##title:string##
print '|'+ @title +'|'

the result is, if I enter test in the title field,


Where does that comma at the start come from?

Strangely enough if I simply run that same query from the permalink all works as expected, no comma is added.

If I remove the type indicator like so:

declare @title nvarchar(50) = ##title##
print '|'+ @title +'|'

I'm greeted with an error:

Incorrect syntax near ','. Must declare the scalar variable "@title".

enclosing the parameter in quotes fixes that but then my result is the same as previous, I get an extra comma.

If I added the type again while the query parameter is within quotes like so:

declare @title nvarchar(50) = '##title:string##'
print '|'+ @title +'|'

I'm back at the previous error.

I tried to move the query parameter out of the declare

declare @title nvarchar(50)
set @title = ##title:string##

but that didn't help.

I can reproduce this in both IE11 and Google Chrome.

For the time being I'll do a replace(@title, ',','').

If this is indeed a bug, can this be fixed, please?

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Ok, I found the root-cause.

The field title is already submitted in the form. So if you choose your variable names don't use ones that are already part of the payload.

this will work:

declare @somevar nvarchar(50) = ##notitle:string##
print '|'+ @somevar +'|'

When you hit run the following formdata is submitted:

sql:declare @somevar nvarchar(50) = ##notitle:string##

With a query parameter called title the following payload is posted:

sql:declare @somevar nvarchar(50) = ##title:string##
print '|'+ @somevar +'|'

Notice the double title in the form parameters

Executing that with a title gives you this result:

SEDE query with double title

So to prevent this bug/feature don't use the following names for your query parameters:


  • Hmm....yeah, that's not ideal. I'll look into fixing it, since title in particular seems like it could be a common conflict.
    – Tim Stone
    Commented Apr 2, 2015 at 14:05
  • 2
    Yeah, a prefix similar to recaptcha should work. I propose unicorns_waffles_
    – rene
    Commented Apr 2, 2015 at 14:23

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