I know that on the SE Chat site on your user profile that it will round up your rep points to the nearest hundred. But I have just noticed that it is now rounding my rep up to 2.7k when I actually only have 2,483 on the site that it is meant to be getting my rep from. Here is a screenshot of what I mean by where it rounds it:

Toroidal main chat site profile

I have also noticed that in the chat (and I think that this is the reason for why it is rounding it up to 2.7k) it thinks that my rep is:

Toroidal chat rep

But on no site do I have this much rep, so why is it showing up as this?


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Ah, .

If I remember correctly, the parent user is really, the first account you started with is Ask Ubuntu, hence it being your parent user. The 2.7k shown is not just the rep you have from Ask Ubuntu, which is about 2.5k as you mentioned. It also includes your Meta Stack Exchange account. Why?

Simply because that account is elgible in your flair due to the fact you have over 200 rep on this site. That 2.7k is the combined rep of Ask Ubuntu and Meta Stack Exchange. You can try it out by attaching flair for total rep count on your bio. Since only those two sites have 200+ rep, only those two rep contribute to the total rep count. That is what the 2.7k is representing.

I hope this helps you!