In connection with a discussion on one of per-site-metas I wondered whether there is an official FB page for Stack Exchange.

I have found this: https://www.facebook.com/stackexchange/

I was not able to find mention of this page somewhere on SE saying whether it is affiliated with SE, with the exception of this brief mention in chat where Pops said: "Apparently facebook.com/stackexchange is run by us, unlike whatever page I was thinking of from the past."

I have also seen it mentioned in the discussion on meta.cogsci.SE about creating a Facebook page for that particular SE community: Let's create a Facebook page for cogsci.SE


This is the footer of http://stackexchange.com/:

The Facebook icon links to https://www.facebook.com/stackexchange so yes, this is the official page, unless the page owner hacked into Stack Exchange servers and changed the code.

As for per-site Facebook pages, it's bit more tricky: each site is on its own, not sure who decides what site get to have a page. For example, Stack Overflow does have an official Facebook page, confirmed here by Tim Post.

Feel free to look for other sites on Facebook, and if you find something ask in the per-site meta or chat if it's official.

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