I was checking out the new profile and was going to go about changing what is displayed for the "Next tag badge:", bellow is all the badges I could select

badge select

However there is a badge missing, I was fully expecting Fate/Stay Night to appear given what I am shown on my Profile Page

profile page

As you can see, I have more posts and a higher score on Fate/Stay Night than I do with Fullmetal Alchemist.
What's more as you can see in the first screenshot I am looking at the All tab for the badges and Naruto, Anime Production and Tropes seems to be taking priority over other tags.

all tags

As you can see above 3 tags could easily be replaced with 3 others if score was used to determine which tag badges to display, but also in regards to Tropes.

I haven't asked/answer/had my own posts edited in almost a year so the likely hood of me wanting to aim for this bad is very low, unlike Fate/Stay Night in which case the past few days I've answered a few questions (it's almost been a answer a day).

So I am wondering how exactly does the "Next tag badge:" determine which badges I can choose to display?
or is this a bug?

  • It would help if you trimmed your screenshots. – curiousdannii Apr 16 '15 at 3:49
  • @curiousdannii better? – Memor-X Apr 16 '15 at 3:53
  • Yes much!​​​​​​ – curiousdannii Apr 16 '15 at 3:56

According to here and here:

A tag must appear on a minimum of 100 questions to be considered for tag badges.

There are no fate-stay-night badges yet, since there are only 53 questions.

  • So in other words even if i did qualify for a badge for fate-stay-night i wouldn't get it because it doesn't appear on at least 100 questions and that's why it wont appear in the Next tag badge section? – Memor-X Apr 16 '15 at 6:58
  • @Memor-X I think yes. – user23013 Apr 16 '15 at 7:10
  • 1
    This is correct. – Jarrod Dixon ModStaff Apr 16 '15 at 17:49
  • This is especially common on small Meta sites; sometimes [discussion] is the only available one, sometimes you can't even track a single one. – Glorfindel Mod Jun 29 '18 at 18:05

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