Today I looked at by user page on bitcoin.SE:

Congratulations! Thanks to your efforts, you earned "transactions!"

I click on "Track the next one >":

Next tag badge: transactions

...and it shows that I still haven't earned it.

I checked my badges, and I don't have the bronze transactions badge.

  • Strange. It says your tag score is only 96. Caching? – mhlester Apr 17 '15 at 22:54
  • @mhlester I went through and added up the scores of my answers, and I get 167. bitcoin.stackexchange.com/… None of them are community wiki, either. – Nick ODell Apr 17 '15 at 23:01
  • Oh look at that. You've also got 100 answers, while your profile only says 43. Must be using the wrong criteria somewhere – mhlester Apr 17 '15 at 23:03
  • @mhlester 100 answers? Where do you get that? I get 41. – Nick ODell Apr 17 '15 at 23:15
  • Oh crap my mistake. I clicked the tag in your profile and it took me to search results. I added is:answer but didn't realize it was only searching for the text "transactions" rather than the tag – mhlester Apr 17 '15 at 23:16
  • Looks like it's already reported here: meta.stackexchange.com/a/253516/248072 – mhlester Apr 17 '15 at 23:19

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