Please, nuke the whitespace in plaintext version of the notification emails! It’s almost hard to find the info. I highlighted the text to show how much whitespace the plaintext version of the emails contains. This obviously comes from the HTML version, which is only stripped from tags to create the plaintext version.

Highlighted text of plaintext email notification showing lots of excessive whitespace

In quoted printable source of the message, the problem is even more obvious and the content looks even more ridiculous:

=0A    =0A            =0A                =0A                    =0A        =
        =0A                =0A                    =0A                      =
  =0A                            =0A                                comment=
=0A                            =0A                            =0A          =
                      Apr 19 at 3:12=0A                            =0A     =
                   =0A                    =0A                    =0A       =
                 How to switch embed element type from PDF stream to text s=
tream=0A                    =0A                    =0A                     =
   Yeah .. ! they are just while typing in SO. Thanks a lot=0A             =
       =0A                =0A            =0A            =0A                =
=0A                    =0A                =0A                =0A           =
         =0A                        =0A                            =0A     =
                           comment=0A                            =0A       =
                     =0A                                Apr 19 at 2:29=0A  =
                          =0A                        =0A                   =
 =0A                    =0A                        Help us test the shiny n=
ew "User Activity" page! (Plus a bunch of new features.)=0A                =
    =0A                    =0A                        @Palec That's not a v=
alid reason to have it. Besides, it can be moved to one's about me.=0A     =
               =0A                =0A            =0A        =0A            =
=0A              =0A                =0A                    Want instant inb=
ox notifications on your phone? Download the Stack Exchange mobile app for =
iOS or Android!=0A                =0A                =0A                   =
 =0A                        =0A                            =0A             =
                   =0A                            =0A                      =
  =0A                        =0A                            =0A            =
                    =0A                            =0A                     =
   =0A                    =0A                =0A            =0A        =0A =
    Questions? Comments? Let us know on our [feedback site](http://meta.sta=
            If you no longer wish to receive updates every 3 hours, you may=
 [unsubscribe from this email](https://meta.stackexchange.com/email/unsubscr=

Stack Exchange Inc. 110 William Street, 28th floor, NY NY 10038 =

I use Thunderbird 31.6.0 (up to date).

  • Can we please stop using nuclear weapons? – Anthony Pham Apr 19 '15 at 14:44
  • If we can kill the whitespace with fire or otherwise burninate it without the use of nukes, sure, @PythonMaster. – Palec Apr 19 '15 at 14:51

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