On https://ja.stackoverflow.com/ and possibly others (although I couldn't coax ru or pt into showing me this ad), the newsletter ad header is still in English:

enter image description here

The background image is cdn.sstatic.net/beta/img/newsletter-ad.png. While the other sidebar ads are also in English (understandable), it looks like there is intent to translate the newsletter one; language-specific background images should probably be made.


I don't see any reason to keep this banner title in graphic. Using "envelope" image only + text available via Transifex would be much better solution than creating a separate image for each localized site.


This string is translatable now in Transifex. Key is 90d0b739a13a0b5e9f33391811ecda8b. Current look in English:

love in English

Example view in Russian from rusSE, i.e. the text is translatable now:

love in Russian

Hence the bug report should be tagged as completed.

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