It's nor rare for me to want to bold sentences, as cursive looks ugly with Chinese characters.

Japanese and Chinese often doesn't use spaces, but the full-width punctuation marks such as 。?!、 .

Bolding a single sentence and parts of a sentence works:





But not bolding a sentence followed by another sentence:



Same bug for full-width question marks:



And full width exclamation marks:



It's getting long, but the same applies to the punctuation marks 「」【】『』・()《》 and also to a full-width space  .

Note that English sentences are separated by a space, so this is not an issue in English:

This is English. Its spelling is hard.

**This is English.** Its spelling is hard.

It seems to me ** is only interpreted as markdown after non-punctuation characters. I don't think it would do any harm to allow it after full-width punctuation characters. Japanese/Chinese text usually doesn't even use * or _.

Affects at least Japanese and Chinese stackexchange. Can this be fixed?


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