When tracking "custodian" badge with the new profile Badge Tracker function, the link "Go get it >" goes to the "Review" page.

However, on the sites I tested I cannot review anything.
So sending me to the review page is a cheeky tease, and wrong to do so as I cannot "Go get it" from the place I'm sent to as was suggested to me.

Repro on multiple sites

I've tested and can repro on other sites, Main and Meta and betas.

Repro on:

  1. Stack Overflow Main and Meta
  2. Code Review Main and Meta
  3. Server Fault Main and Meta


Suggest removing "Custodian" badge from profile badge tracker when user does not have enough rep to review on the given site.

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    Reproduced on Stack Overflow Meta. "Custodian" is the default tracked badge for me, while I don't have enough rep to review any queue. Also, apart from "custodian", on SO Meta I can also choose to track "Informed", but SO Meta does not have its own Tour page and so it is impossible to get that badge. – user12205 Apr 25 '15 at 23:00

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