This morning I got the silver badge :

enter image description here


enter image description here

Unfortunately, I haven't earned this particular badge yet. I have 318 votes on 124 answers. Then wondered if had synonyms, like and so on, but this is not the case — and even if it was, I should have got the badge for some time already.

I saw this old question, back from Jan 2011 -> I think I received a tag badge when I shouldn't - the "official" statement to this old question was :

Our tag storage is denormalized, we have a second table that stores the a postId -> tagId list. For some reason we had a few dupes in there (probably cause android was merged with android-sdk).

That had a cascading effect that caused some tag badges to be assigned early.

I just added a primary key constraint on the denormalized table, so there is no chance of dupe rows anymore.

This bug seems not to completely have been wiped out, perhaps it has returned — in any case, something does not seem completely right. I got an upvote on the tag yesterday, forcing the system to recalculate, this is the right part.



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