From the name of it, certainly it looks for posts with the highest scores. However, recently I found that some of the posts are not listed.

Example: My answer on UX.SE (not sure if it's that good, just because hot network question) was included in some point, but then it's not listed on my profile. I guess it's because the question was closed, e.g as a dupe? (I don't have any hidden communities on the settings)

top network posts from per-site profile

However, it's listed normally on Stack Exchange profile for top posts.

top posts on SE

Also, what other criteria that makes the posts to be included/excluded in "Top network posts"?


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For Top posts it says:

We’ll show off your best work. Your top posts - along with the technologies or tags you’re strongest in - show others what you’re all about. And if you’re active on multiple communities, your best stuff from those sites will show in the sidebar, too.

I think, best stuff is referred to your top posts by adding filters of closed:no duplicate:no. And actually best stuffs is different from top stuffs as not described there.

But I think it could be better by phrasing it like Best network posts.

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shA.t's answer has pretty much nailed it, and the summary from the blog itself is the key:

And if you’re active on multiple communities, your1 best stuff2 from those sites3 will show in the sidebar, too.

Numbering is added to clarify the point

The specific criteria are:

  1. Not community wiki (wiki:no), they're 100% your posts ("Top posts" already excludes these posts)
  2. Not in the closed questions (closed:no duplicate:no), they're the best stuff from your "Top posts"
  3. Not from the site you're viewing the profile on (e.g SO posts won't be shown if the user is currently viewing the profile on SO; they're already listed on per-site "Top posts")
  4. Has score of 5 or more (score:5), this is a prerequisite of "Top posts" on SE global profile.
  • I'm not exactly sure where to place this comment, but can you explain why this user has no top network posts on any of his profiles? He has a number of posts that meet the criteria of not closed or duplicate, and he's active on a few sites, so shouldn't he have something in that box other than the annoying message left there by the new system? (I don't know him, so I apologize if using his profile is improper. It happened to jump out at me, then I found this question.) Commented May 1, 2015 at 18:58
  • After researching a bit, I just found out that the prerequisite for Top Posts also includes "must have score of 5 or more". You can check that by going to their SE profile and go to Top Posts. Thanks for making me notice this! Commented May 1, 2015 at 19:19
  • Interesting! Thanks for finding it and editing it into your answer! Commented May 1, 2015 at 19:27

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