I regularly look for old unanswered questions in my feed for a topic I care about so that I can go answer where the rest of the community failed to produce an answer in months. (A last resort responder.)

In looking questions older than six months at StackOverflow, I noticed some unanswered questions which I don't remember seeing in the filtered list. In fact, the filtered list only goes back to 2014-09-18 as of now, which seems rather suspicious as there's plenty of ancient questions. In fact, statistics for one of the tags count some 500 unanswered questions, but the tag filter shows only 100.

Is the list complete? Is there any way to get to the bottom of the list?


No, it's not complete: you can get only 100 results.

To get more questions to the bottom of the queue, you can

  • split the filter in smaller filters;
  • downvote bad questions in the hope they get autodeleted;
  • answer some of the shown questions, to make room and get some older unanswered questions raise into the first 100.

Yes, it's irritating!

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