As sort of an 'inverse' to this request, "Add help link to FAQ," I propose tying in the "FAQ for Stack Exchange sites" content into the 'help' search function on all SE network sites. Even if just the question titles on the FAQ page were included, I think it would be beneficial. Indexing the contents of the linked questions for inclusion in a 'help' search would be even better.

For context, this request is prompted by my first encounter with review audits, on SU. I failed my first review audit because I thought it was a bug in the site, and freaked out a bit because (a) I hadn't even known that audits existed, and (b) I couldn't find any information on what the consequences were for failing audits. The FAQ points to a good overview of audits, but searching SU help for 'audit' at present returns zero hits, and I hadn't remembered the existence of the SE FAQ.


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