I noticed a "bug" (or maybe a conceptual shortcoming, but an important one) with converting answers to comments today.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. User A answers a question.
  2. User B comments on the answer with a reply. User A does not see the notification for the comment yet.
  3. A moderator converts the answer and the comment to comments on the question (or elsewhere).

Now the notification for User A will vanish, so he won't know that he actually got a response before their answer was converted (nor will he know that their answer was converted unless they check). I can't see why this would be the intended behaviour, hence the bug tag.

My suggested fix is, when converting answers and comments to comments, to prepend @UserA to all comments that don't have a @ping already.

(There would be a notification if the comment had already contained @UserA, but that is likely not the case unless a larger number of comments accumulates before the answer gets converted.)

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