The directions for user flair have sample code that uses 208 x 58px as the size for the flair, but at this size the image looks fuzzy, as though it has been scaled from some other size:

user flair

Is there some optimal "native" size that will produce a sharper image? Or is the fuzziness due to some other factor such as heavy compression?

If there's an optimal size, what is it?


The HTML snippet provided is just a link wrapped around an image. The image itself (at https://stackexchange.com/users/flair/323395.png in your case) is indeed a 208 x 58 pixel PNG:

Image info for Caleb's flair

Here's the image scaled up a bit:

Caleb's flair

That doesn't look blurry to me – icons etc. are generally sharp, and text just has normal anti-aliasing.

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