Most sites like Alldebrid, Wikipedia, etc. ban VPN logins. By "banning" I mean that the site doesn't open up all of its features to users who come in from a VPN.

So why does Stack Exchange still allow VPN logins?

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    And why not? Can you elaborate on the downsides of allowing VPN?
    – Bichoy
    Commented May 23, 2015 at 2:49

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I assume you mean public VPNs, since a whole lot of us use VPNs for work...

Anyway, the answer is "because it doesn't matter". To the extent that we use network-based blocking to reduce abuse, we use it for all networks - after all, abusing the site from your desk at work isn't somehow less abusive than doing it from a coffee shop over a VPN.

If someone wants to pay money for a different IP that anyone else with money can abuse and get banned with no recourse, that's on them. Same with Tor and other proxies - your access is perpetually at the mercy of whoever else is using them, and vice-versa.

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