I have a question about a problem I'm having installing optifine with forge on minecraft. Is there a place where I could ask this question? I asked this on gaming, but I just got downvoted and told it is the wrong place. The question is here: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/220868/forge-not-launching-with-optifine


Questions that boil down to "[software] is not working, what do I do?" are technical support, and the only reliable way to solve such problems is to contact the owner/creator of [software] about it. In many cases such a question is unanswerable on all SE sites simply because none of us wrote [software].

Arqade can sometimes help with these issues if they're so common and well-understood that many gamers have already been told the answer by a programmer or have discovered workarounds on their own. But in both of those cases it's probably an easily-googled factoid that inspires link-only answers, so it's unlikely to be well-received even if there is a known answer. Gamers themselves usually have no ability to debug [software] and thus can't help in the general case.

StackOverflow can't help with these because they aren't asking about a specific bug in a specific piece of code; nobody has any way of knowing what the exact technical issue is until someone with a fully functioning dev environment for [software] does some debugging and isolates the exact cause. This crosses the line from "sharing knowledge" to "working for free", so they won't respond well to such questions either.

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