The OP removed this question after I posted an answer (and an useful edit) to it. Not sure if this is too un-common as I faced it only second time. (can't get the first instance details as it was couple of months back)

Is there any way I can get the details why the question was removed either by the OP or community mods?

Also should this behaviour be reported because I feel the answer did help the OP and could be useful for future readers.


I added my (binding) undelete vote on top of the other that was left. The system allows for this, you can delete your own questions whenever:

  • It has no answers
  • It has only one answer that isn't positively scored

This is designed as the best compromise to allow folks to remove questions that they probably didn't mean to ask in the first place without much risk of wasting someone else's time.

The check in the process is that high-rep users can cast votes to undelete something, which is what happened here, I merely added mine to push it over the edge.

The nice thing to do in cases like this is to simply request disassociation from the question, or any time you see that someone spent more than a trivial amount of time trying to help you. But that's not obvious at all to users.

We really need a self-service means of doing this that won't also interfere with rate limits and blocks due to poorly-asked questions. I've had this on my list to design for months, it's about time I get to it. If that was in place, we could prevent self-deletion once any answer over a certain number of characters has been posted, since 10k+ users and the automatic cleanup scripts generally take care of removing stuff that just plainly isn't useful.

  • Thanks for your response! I vouch for the feature you propose. May 28 '15 at 9:04

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