When you review questions that seem kind of "off-topic" or "unsalvageable" but they are a test that has been automatically generated from questions with a high vote, you will get suspended from reviewing.

However, sometimes the questions have been voted highly and they are good questions, but they are also off-topic.

So, it would be good if there was have some kind of counter-audit system that lets the user counter a poor audit, giving the reason, and letting a moderator judge the situation instead of system.


You can already discuss poor review audits on the meta site of the site that you got the review.

Meta Stack Overflow has a specific tag for this: disputed-review-audits

You can provide links to the audits that you failed and discussion can take place regarding the review audits. This allows the community to discuss the audit rather than just a single moderator.

Should the community agree that you have been suspended incorrectly, a moderator can remove the suspension.

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