A user on Tavern on the Meta noticed that on a question on Ask Patents, the user whose answer was accepted didn't get the +15 reputation associated with it:

enter image description here

...but however the reputation is listed in their reputation tab:

enter image description here

According to their reputation tab, they should have 56 reputation on Ask Patents, but however they only have 41. I looked around and found this Meta question but however, their account is registered and active, and so is the account of the asker, unlike the case in the aforementioned question.

I thought caching might be to blame, but however surely caching shouldn't affect reputation changes on the same site (as seen on child metas).

  • Anna Lear: I don't get how this is 'no repro'; this issue still exists, the +15 reputation still isn't reflected. As of this moment, the user should have 76 reputation. – AStopher Jun 13 '15 at 19:56
  • 2
    It doesn't. I see 35 rep there for the answer. 20 for upvotes, 15 for an accept (3 events, in total). This is in your screen shot. – Oded Jun 13 '15 at 19:57

They have 61 reputation as of right now and everything in their rep audit looks correct.

They had another post (now deleted) that picked up offensive flags and resulted in a -15 reputation drop, which possibly gives the illusion of the +15 from accepted answer not getting awarded.

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