Am community user StackOverflow em Português.

The meta word is used as an adjective and for this reason the communities http://pt.stackoverflow.com, http://ja.stackoverflow.com and http://ru.stackoverflow.com the term usually appears after the community name, except in communities where English the adjective usually comes before the name.

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But many times a day I go to the meta, the http://meta.stackoverflow.com by the meta word being in front I do not get confused, but in other stackoverflows the meta word is after the name and sometimes accidentally I clicked on the wrong community, for example:

Sometimes I'll go to the StackOverflow em Portugues Meta and end up clicking "Meta StackOverflow" (original StackOverflow) by mistake (I think my brain tries to look for the meta word that is most visible).

That instead of using -- this is no urgent problem, just a suggestion:

StackOverflow em Português Meta

Communities in other languages would use something like this:

Meta StackOverflow em Português


In Portuguese language we use the adjective before (and after) the subject of the sentence, for example:

Using before:

Uma garota bonita

Using after:

Uma bela garota

Both sentences mean: A beautiful girl

Another point is that in Portuguese using the "meta" word always comes before the subject, eg:

metalinguagem, metáfora, metástase and metafísica.

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