Since Add tag to page title when viewing specific tags, tags you're searching for / looking at are in the page title. I like this.

However, when I browse my favourite tags (https://stackoverflow.com/?tagFilter=favorite), all my favourite tags end up in the title:

'android braintree html javascript jquery laravel mysql nginx pdo php spip sql' questions that need answers - Stack Overflow

I find that a bit much. I would suggest either placing a limit on the amount of tags in the title, but even better: if you're looking at your favourite tags, change the title to

Questions with favorite tags that need answers - Stack Overflow

or something like that.

Note: I didn't check if infinitely many tags would actually be allowed.

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    probably a max of 4294967296? Although there are only 43632 tags on SO. – Tim Jun 25 '15 at 16:03

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