In case it's important: I'm a low rep user and can only make suggested edits. This way I can reproduce the problem:

  • I enter a review queue and find a post that I want to improve.
  • I hit the edit button below the post to enter the edit mode.
  • After editing, I hit the Save Edits button. This brings me back to the post in the review queue (as expected).
  • Immediately afterwards I notice that I missed to fix something on the post.
  • I hit the edit button once again to enter the edit mode a second time.
  • After improving my previous edit, I hit the Save Edits button again. This time, I get back to the post, but outside of the review queue (not as expected).

After these steps I can still go back to the post in the review queue by pressing the Back button of my browser twice. Then I can even hit the I'm Done button to complete my review.

Does this "work as designed"? If yes, I find it very annoying: Even after editing a post twice, I'd like to stay in the review queue. Or am I doing something wrong here?

Edit: This bug report is now around here for about two weeks. The comments indicate that my issue could be reproduced by other users. I know it's not the biggest deal and I don't expect any answer, but shouldn't this post get tagged with either , , or at least ?


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