I have a favorite tag : arduino-duemilanove

This relates to the Arduino board the Duemilanove.

I have an ignored tag: arduino-due

These are totally different boards (devices), despite the superficial similarity of the names.

However I find that in the "Questions" list, the ignored tag overrides the favorite tag. That is, a question tagged with both tags is greyed out.

Surely, if I say that arduino-duemilanove is a favorite of mine, it should be highlighted as a favorite, not greyed out?


It's actually doing both, but the ignorance background color almost defeats the favorite background color.

This is what happens if I have in favorites and in ignored.

You see the faint blue color?

  • Ah yes, quite amusing. :) I thought someone might reply that they would answer "programming" questions but not "homework" and that thus the existing system is OK. Here's another suggestion: If a particular question is both "favorite" and "ignored" then the two cancel out, and leave the question at the default color. Or, come up with a third color scheme that indicates this favorite/ignored status. One that is a bit easier to spot. :P – Nick Gammon Jun 28 '15 at 21:06

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