Without a tag selected, the (main) Featured tab uses "Featured" in the page title, however with a tag selected the page title uses "Bounty" instead.

For example:

The page title for the main Featured tab on any Stack Exchange site is:

Featured Questions - <Site Name>


Featured Questions - Stack Overflow

However, when a tag is selected, the page title becomes:

Bounty '<Tag Name>' Questions - <Site Name>


Bounty 'java' Questions - Stack Overflow

Why is there a discrepancy (Bounty vs Featured) in page titles? Is it a bug or intended?

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I'm sure it is a bug, though the navigation you're talking about is slowly becoming obsolete because there's a new navigation being tested currently, and it's already in the second alpha.

This new navigation doesn't have this bug: when you select all the bountied questions, it says:

Questions that need answers

And when you select specific tag(s), the tag name is just prepended to the title:

'javascript' questions that need answers


It does seem like this should be consistent.

I think "Featured Questions" sounds better than "Bounty Questions", especially for the "main" Featured tab itself when there is no tag selected.
"Bounty" is a thing itself, whereas "Featured" is the name for the tab/area you are in.

So the page title for a Featured tab when a tag is selected could also use "Featured", eg:

Featured 'java' Questions - Stack Overflow

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