While we're waiting for the Android app to be repaired ...

The browser UI lets us set both most and least favorite tags, and set a filter to hide questions carrying the latter. In some stacks I found that quite useful as a way of focusing on the questions I could actually contribute to or learn from.

As far as I can tell, the app doesn't have that filtering capability, despite needing it more due to smaller screens.

I presume it's on the list for eventual implementation. But sooner would be nice.

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Despite the fact you can't hide the questions with the tags you ignore, you can use the advanced search function in the app:

-[tag-to-hide] -[another-tag-to-hide] -[and-so-on]

in other words, put the minus sign before any tag you want to hide (the spaces are not required and I added the, just for the visibility).

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