In reviewing a post in the reopen queue, I came across the following.

Review with overlapping side-by-side view

(The review in question is here)

I don't see anything jumping out at me as a cause, so it could be browser related (just a wild guess though)

Browser: Chrome 43.0.2357.132 m
OS: Windows 8.1


This happened to me here as well. It should be an easy fix; the problem seems to be that the side-by-side column is limited to 330 pixels:

enter image description here

but there is a max-width: 410px for images in the side-by-side column, inflating the image over the column boundary:

enter image description here

Disabling this rule produces the desired result:

enter image description here


(from my MSO dupe)

Adjusting the CSS (across a couple files) to the following would give more room without expanding the standard 1060px column everything sits in. And I can't imagine an issue with the sidebar text overflowing, as the values below are about as wide as they would ever be:

#mainbar, .mainbar { /* all.css */
    #width: 850px;
#revisions .sidebyside-diff > div { /* this style is set inline */
    width: 395px !important;
#sidebar, .sidebar { /* all.css */
    width: 200px;

I like this solution a bit better than Glorfindel's because, instead of shrinking the image to fit, it expands the side-by-side columns to better utilize the space in the existing 1060px column that all site content sits within already.

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