In SE Android app v1.0.67, if you tap 'Add comment' on a post, then press the same button on a different post (in the same Q&A thread, without pressing 'Back' button) without cancelling the comment UI properly, the button on previous post will be gone, and it's impossible to add a comment on that post until you reopen the thread.


  1. Find a thread with at least 2 posts (e.g. 1 question & 1 answer)
  2. Press 'Add comment' on the question
  3. Press 'Add comment' on the answer. The button on the question will be gone
  4. Posting a comment or cancelling it properly (by clicking the button on the bottom left) will return the button on that post


the button is gone!

(Click the image for its larger variant)

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    I broke this yesterday when trying to debug the issues with crashes when clicking on Add Comment. Oops! On it.. – Kasra Rahjerdi Jul 10 '15 at 18:10

Fantastic catch! This is fixed in version 1.0.68 which is pushing out as we speak. It'll be live when this post is 2 hours old.

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