This is related to the "quoted code" question, but is more to do with something I just remembered is a bit of a pain. Often, when I quote a method or class name, I'll link to the documentation, like this:

Interestingly, .NET's Interlocked class didn't gain a Read method until .NET 2.0.

Doing this involves typing the name of the class/method, then selecting it and hitting Ctrl-K, then reselecting it to include the back ticks, then hitting Ctrl-L. It's a bit of a palaver. Any chance we could have a single keyboard shortcut to do both bits in a single hit? (So it would pop up the URL dialog, but the text would already be in a code font.)

  • And here I've been typing [ ` text ` ] ( link ) all this time! :) That's a real pain on my phone. Mar 4, 2012 at 22:01

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Link first, then mark as code:

  1. Type function name / keyword
  2. Select symbol
  3. Hit Ctrl+L, enter URL. Linkify shortcut leaves link text selected.
  4. Hit Ctrl+K
  • Ah, excellent. Will try that today and see if it feels smoother.
    – Jon Skeet
    Jul 6, 2009 at 5:52

This seems like a overly specific thing to add a keyboard shortcut for (we'll end up turning WMD into a javascript-based emacs!..)

It's not much typing to add the [``]() around "Interlocked" by hand - Markdown is pretty terse..

  • Yes, it's terse - but adding the backticks as I go interrupts my general typing flow for some reason. (I also tend to go back to do the markup, after first writing the text.) I just thought I'd ask as it's something I do many, many times a day.
    – Jon Skeet
    Jul 6, 2009 at 5:49

I always just do all of the linking myself so that I can control the names of the links.

[example]: http://example.com "This is just an example"

This points to [example][], so does [this][example].

If you use the built-in editor features, it would have added the link twice [1]: [2]:, which makes it harder to edit the post, as links change.

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