Frequently comments in GameDev.SE will point to similar questions that have been asked on (a similar Q&A site run by the creators of the Unity game engine)


When clicked on in the Android app, the app seems to try to parse these link as though they were internal links to other StackExchange questions, displaying a "Loading the question failed" error dialog when accessing the question fails.

Expected behaviour: the app should treat the link like other non-StackExchange web links, and attempt to open the page in the default web browser.

Edit: I observed this today in version 1.0.68 on Android 5.1.1

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    Repro'd on SE app v1.0.68. Interesting case. It makes me wonder if the app parse the link with /questions/ as SE sites... Edit: here is the link,…, in case that question is deleted. – and myself Jul 13 '15 at 1:53
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Thanks for spotting this, it's fixed as of version 1.0.69. An embarrassing bug, to be honest, debug versions of the app were even logging "Attempting to load unknown site:".

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