A typical child of the users.xml looks as follows:

<row Id="2"
     DisplayName="Geoff Dalgas"
     Location="Corvallis, OR"
     AboutMe="Wondering why the HTML in here isn't escaped, frankly." 
     Views="25" UpVotes="3" DownVotes="0" Age="37" AccountId="2"/>

My questions are

1) What is "UpVotes"? Is it the number of upvotes the user contributes or the number of upvotes he/she receives?

2) How do I find out the number of upvotes a post receives? I checked posts.xml and the answer is definitely not there.

  • 1) It's the number of upvotes that the user contributes. 2) I think it should be in PostFeedback , VoteTypeId=3 , well at least that's how it is in SEDE – CRABOLO Jul 17 '15 at 17:40

In the Users.xml the row holds in UpVotes the number of up votes on posts that the user contributes (as indicated by @dronehinge).

You'll find up- and downvotes in the Votes.xml.

A typical row looks like this:

 <row Id="4422" 
      CreationDate="2013-11-04T00:00:00.000" />

You are interested in

  • VoteTypeId="2" for up votes
  • VoteTypeId="3" for down votes

for a specific PostId

The datadump is a subset of the data available in SEDE but the Database schema documentation for the public data dump and SEDE has extra information on the entities and attributes that do match.

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