I have got a site in commitment phase on area51 regarding Arts and Crafts:


I wish to advertise it in the beta sites I frequent. I have seen proposals with 7% commitment being advertised on some beta sites.

How can I go ahead with my proposal advertisement in a beta site when I cannot find any thread w.r.t promotion?

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3 main options:

  • you can discuss with your site (on that meta) to start Community Promotion Ads - if they agree, you can create ads that will be shown on other sites across the network - although I don't think you can choose which sites to show them on, although I may be wrong. Though this is unlikely to happen (see Shog9's comment).
  • you could also put the proposal link in your about me section on your profile - anyone who visits your profile will then see the ad and possibly will click on it, follow it and propose example questions.

  • you could link to the proposal on your beta site's chat - people may be interested and follow it

Those are the main ways to do this, and there aren't really any more real methods.


I figure this happened via Community Promotion Ads. Check the beta(s) you want to advertise on for questions tagged and submit your advertisement in accordance with the rules.

It seems that Community Ads need graduation, though. That may be subject to change with the latest tohubohu around graduation :D

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