I am currently participated in testing the new navigation. I just saw Sklivvz ♦ post Improving our navigation, the next iteration and thought of giving a try. I love the new expanded layout view and the tab pinning. This is a great improvement. Excellent job!!

Upon switching back n forth between the Show and Hide excerpts tabs, I clicked "Hide excerpts" twice by accident. The posts results shown below were fine, nothing changed. The only change I noticed was the refresh of Hot Network Questions on the right side panel whereas the Frequently Asked above it remained unchanged.

Here is the screenshot for Hide excerpts:

enter image description here

The same behavior (as for the Hot Network Questions goes) for the "Show excerpts" tab too. I wonder what causes the refresh to Hot Network Questions? Does this belongs to category?

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    Normal behavior would effectively belong to "status-bydesign" category... Jul 24 '15 at 17:40
  • @Mat'sMug that's right... didn't think of it.... let me remove it Jul 24 '15 at 17:45
  • comment was removed and added into my answer below. Jul 25 '15 at 13:14

There has been a considerable amount of discussion already in the list. I have read few of them and I can tell you that this "Hot Network Questions" topic is really hot and I don't want to get myself burned by adding more noise to it. I will stick to my concern here.

Based on the following three posts:

  1. Ease up on the Hot Network Question Randomness --
  2. What changed in the Hot Questions sidebar algorithm?
  3. What is the Goal of “Hot Network Questions”?

I would like to conclude that:

"Hot Network Questions" list will refresh whenever there is a on page activity that makes a server request. In my case, I was clicking on the "Hide excerpts", so the server request was made and that is the reason "Hot Network Questions" listing was getting updated everytime. So, it belongs to category.

But, I do like to point out one good suggestion made by @200_success in his answer to post: Improving our navigation, the next iteration. Here is the excerpt/relevant part of it:

The "Show/hide excerpts" widget acts more like two buttons than one toggle. Clicking on the already-activated mode, instead of toggling the mode, refreshes the Hot Network Questions list, which enhances the mystery of what the widget is for.

Basically, it should behave like a toggle. Once one is pressed/activated then it should be disabled. No more actions can be performed on it. This will not make a server request and thus no refreshing of "Hot Network Questions" list.

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