I appear to occasionally fall into the trap of asking what I feel are well defined programming problems, but that are subsequently closed as 'too broad'. Examples:

Is there a place for these types of question in the Stack Exchange family? And/or should I be 'refactoring' the questions into more specific questions?

Or perhaps I need to recalibrate my judgement on what Quesions to ask on Stack Overflow and which are more appropriate on Programmers Stack Exchange?


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Well, your first question is a recommendation question, which doesn't go too well on SO and on most of the other SE sites. The question is too broad since you ask for a list of possible implementations. These type of list questions aren't quite useful and will take a loud of text to answer it properly.

As rene commented: maybe Programmers is an option, but make sure to consult their help and meta first.

Your second question is open (reopened actually) and has quite some votes, so it seems to be perfectly fine.

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    I'm one of the close voters of that first question and it is a recommendation question but that wouldn't fly on SR. A better chance is programmers but the same advice goes: ask on their meta first. The question seems to be about a persitable/durable queue and possible implementations. The other one is a wondering question. If an actual problem is added (maybe: how can I reduce the memory foot print of all loaded apps) that would make it attract less close votes.
    – rene
    Commented Jul 27, 2015 at 15:00
  • @rene thanks. I've updated my answer since I see it isn't really a recommendation as you pointed out. I also added in the pointer to Programmers, with the disclaimer. Commented Jul 27, 2015 at 15:04
  • I see Q1 is a recommendation Q in the same vein as 'how can I store lists of things in C#'? I happen to have one extra requirement - that the list isn't in memory.
    – redcalx
    Commented Jul 27, 2015 at 15:05
  • That question encourages a list of a dozen implementations or patterns. Commented Jul 27, 2015 at 15:06
  • OK so perhaps I should edit out the list? I put the list there to explain the options I'd already considered and why none of them were perfect - i.e. to pre-empt those discussions by providing some research findings up-front.
    – redcalx
    Commented Jul 27, 2015 at 15:09
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    Instead of "Are there any simple/minimal persisted queues" (yes, a list of), you could make clear one specific situation (this goes wrong because of that). Commented Jul 27, 2015 at 15:10
  • OK. What's the procedure here - edit the existing Q (probably heavily), or start a new one?
    – redcalx
    Commented Jul 27, 2015 at 15:13
  • I would edit this one. It is still the same question. It will get in the reopen queue. Show your progress ;) Commented Jul 27, 2015 at 15:14
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    @redcalx it is more of a whiteboard problem then a programming problem. If you went for the msmq option and ran into a problem and then tried the sql-service broker and ran into a new problem you could have used that as context and then ask for solution to what you encounter while indicating you are open for other implementations/designs.
    – rene
    Commented Jul 27, 2015 at 15:15

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