The tags on the "Sr. Software Developer/Web Application Developer" job post are a big mess. They are clubbed together and formed a big long link of tags. It also overflows on the share sidebar to its right.

Here is the screenshot of it:

enter image description here

I can reproduce this in the following browsers:

Chrome (Version 43.0.2357.134 (64-bit))

Firefox (Version 39.0)

Safari (Version 8.0.7 (10600.7.12))

On my MacBook Pro (Retina, Late 2013; OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.2)

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    I would suspect that this is user error as opposed to a bug. Maybe there should be a maximum tag length but it looks as though someone fat fingered a copy and paste and didn't realise. Jul 27, 2015 at 20:59
  • @benisuǝqbackwards but copy n paste from where? Jul 27, 2015 at 21:04
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    Their internal job description? Who knows; no one wrote that out and thought it looked good though :-). Jul 27, 2015 at 21:08

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Thanks! We've gone ahead and cleaned the post up and will work with the client on how to best use tags.

  • It's gone!! Thanks for fixing it... in no time Jul 27, 2015 at 21:12
  • Could you please add [status-completed] tag to my post. It's no more a open bug. Jul 29, 2015 at 20:47

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