I think this is a bit of a disconnect:

enter image description here

The badge number is telling me that there should be 12 items to review, while the notification list only displays 4 new items.

That creates a very confusing UX. It's like having a mail client that says "12 new messages", but then only lets you see 4 of them. You're liable to drive yourself insane trying to find the "missing" 8 messages.

After looking into the notifications, it appears that what happened is that the notification list merged multiple comment notifications into a single notification. That's fine, in and of itself, but I think the count also needs to be updated to reflect the merge operation (or else the merged item needs to clearly indicate that it's standing in for multiple notifications).

Specifically, I think that either:

  1. When multiple notification events are merged into a single inbox item, the count displayed in the badge should be reduced by a corresponding amount so that the count always exactly matches the number of inbox items.


  1. When multiple notification events are merged into a single inbox item, the inbox item should clearly indicate how many separate events it is standing in for. So for instance, if 9 comments have been merged into a single item in the inbox, then call that item "9 comments" instead of "comment".

Bottom Line

The notification count and the number of unread inbox items should always match, if not by simple 1:1 correspondence then by having a clear indication of how much each item contributes to the total notification count.

  • Per marrados's answer here, the number visible over the inbox now reflects the number of visible unread notifications, at least in the places where the inbox improvements have been applied (i.e., this might not be true of the chat inbox).
    – V2Blast
    Commented Jun 29, 2023 at 18:47


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