When posting a question on a SE site you don't have a SE account on yet, logging in can take you to the main page, instead of posting your question, if you're not careful. Users who do not know about the auto-save feature may get the impression that their question is now lost.

A minor issue.

To reproduce:

  • Go to a Stack Exchange site you don't have an account on yet
  • After creating your question, scroll down and click "sign up using Stack Exchange" (incorrectly, yes; but it is super easy to overread)
  • On the next page, realize your error and choose "already have an account? Log in"
  • Log in and/or create a SE account on this new site

You will be taken on the main page of the SE site, instead of your question.


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Yes; that isn't ideal, and will be resolved (preserving the ?returnUrl) in the next build.


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