I opened this question about the same issue after the first iteration of the New Navigation, and it was fixed.

With the second iteration of the New Navigation, this problem is back and it is driving me crazy.

Can someone please fix it?

If I have the [needs answers] tab selected, and I click on a tag to refine my results further by that tag, it should not take me back to the [new] tab.

Also, this may be a good example of a question to use for this discussion on how to handle obsolete questions... :)

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In the previous iterations we automatically saved the tab you visited last as your home tab. This was kind of intrusive since clicking on a link somebody shared could screw up your defaults. In the current iteration you have to set it up explicitly via the home tab picker:

home tab picker

So if you spend most of your time looking for unanswered questions set the needs answer tab as your home tab.

Furthermore, refining a filter was never the first click on a tag. It has always been a click on a tag in the related tags list. Clicking any other tag (outside the related tags sidebar) takes you to that tags home page (which is on your home tab):

go home vs refine

  • As someone who does not want to change my default home tab, can I get this updated to maintain the current "tab" page when I click on a tag in one of the sidebar lists? This is the current navigation behavior, and it was something that was also fixed in the first iteration of the new navigation. I greatly miss this, as I often use the ability to click on a tab to further refine what I am looking at, whether that is unanswered, bounties, highly voted Qs, etc.
    – Rachel
    Commented Aug 6, 2015 at 15:21

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