I'm using the Stack Exchange Android App and I didn't find a way to see my number of profile views, flag history, or review history in my profile page. Where can I see those details in the Android app?

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The Android-app and iOS-app use the Stack API .

Flag history and review history is not exposed in version 2.2 of the API.

That means there is no way to get that info at the moment.

view_count is in the user type if you call [/me][2] so it could made available but isn't at the moment as shown by the screenshot from Unihedrons device

unihedrons profile

the use of the image is granted here

There is a feature request to add the flag status/history to the API.

[2]: https://api.stackexchange.com/docs/me#order=desc&sort=reputation&filter=!)scV0QzslTyHKs4_6eqx&site=stackoverflow&run=true


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