To start of, I'd like to begin with my question on Meta Academia SE: What does the image in the “404 error” page mean?

The metaphor of broken link image in Academia is a broken bike:

Palu Macil in his answer has made a very interesting idea. It plays on Route not found. So why don't we customize that title too?

Some ideas that I come up:

  • Math: No solution
  • Stack Overflow: Missing library
  • English: Cat got my tongue

If you afraid that the users will be confused, I think we just need to add 404 at the beginning of the title. I think 404 is popular enough to be recognized.

Found this after posting this question: Amusing 404 “Page Not Found” Images for Trilogy sites?

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    When you move cheese someone will complain: I rely on Page not found in the title of the tab when flagging spam reports from the Tavern chatroom. With this change I have to remember each and every 404 catch phrase... – rene Aug 7 '15 at 14:59
  • Did you mean(in the 2nd last para) adding 404 to the current "Page Not Found" text displayed above the error message on the left? So it would look like "404 Page Not Found" – HackerKarma Aug 7 '15 at 15:16

This is an interesting question. Here is what I found upon doing some investigation on the current "404 page not found" across the popular Stack Exchange Network sites.

There seems to be a some kind of tradition or an established standard that SE's team has been following. The current 404 error page of Meta.Academia seems to be inline with the other popular SE Network sites.

The pattern I noticed here is the error message along with "Page Not Found" is displayed on the left and the corresponding image is on the right side of the message. This could possibly be . It would be great if someone from the SE team can share some info about this. Here are a few screenshots for comparison:

Stack Overflow:

enter image description here

Server Fault:

enter image description here

Super User:

enter image description here

Ask Ubuntu:

enter image description here

Stack Apps:

enter image description here

Stack Exchange:

enter image description here

Area 51:

enter image description here

Meta SE: (Please note 404 is an image)

enter image description here

Meta Academia: (OP's website in the question)

enter image description here

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