I have the edit privilege. If I edit a post which has a pending suggested edit, then:

  • My edit starts from the version resulting from the suggested edit. I'm not notified of that, or even of the existence of the suggested edit.
    (There's actually a clue, but it's pretty discreet — the edit summary field is pre-filled with the summary from the suggested edit.)
  • The suggested edit is marked as rejected by Community with the message “This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit.”
  • The suggester is not credited in the edit history, my revision combines the suggested edit with my modifications.

This can happen if an edit is suggested while I have the page open: I click on “edit”, and think I'm editing the version that I was just reading, but in fact I'm editing somebody's suggested edits. It also happens if I deliberately visit /posts/12345/edit, which used to provide a valid way to improve an edit after having clicked on “Approve” but while it was still waiting for others to review.

Examples: a suggested edit that I approved and then wanted to improve; a suggested edit where I clicked “edit”.

There are two bugs here, but I'm making a single report because they're very closely linked.

  • I'm not told about the suggestion, so my edit includes content that I'm not aware of, yet is attributed to me.
  • The suggestion is marked as rejected and the suggester is not credited in the edit history, yet the suggested changes are made.
  • This only happens with manual URL-twiddling: I have a userscript that adds a .edit-post link with the auto-twiddled URL and this a) loads in AJAX and b) doesn't exhibit the bug. But opening the URL in a new tab does. – Nathan Tuggy Aug 8 '15 at 17:45
  • I think this happened to me. stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/12268810 – busfault May 12 '16 at 13:22

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