Some LA reviews are already popping up on Twitter, but there's no place on Meta for them yet, so here goes...

If you were there, can you write a review of the Los Angeles leg of Stack Overflow DevDays? Links to reviews in blogs, etc, are also welcome.

DevDays reviews

Intentionally not a wiki (as per comments here).

  • Right, people don't seem very eager about posting their stuff here (despite asking those who tweeted about it) :-/ So I'll go ahead and share the two reviews that I'm aware of, in CW answers.
    – Jonik
    Oct 20, 2009 at 15:57

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Review by Rick Fleischer (twitter.com/iamgoat):

StackOverflow DevDays Conference

Quoting the sum-up:


In the end, would I go next year? Yes! The price alone makes it a no-brainer. However, if it's the same talks it will get boring fast. The presentations were all introductory and pretty easy to grasp. More intermediate talks would be cool. Technology is always advancing so I imagine it won't be hard to find new topics. Couch DB or principle talks of software development / project management would be great. I hope some people post pics. I wanted to do a Qik video stream, but wasn't sure if it would be allowed.

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