When logging in there are some icons indicating which OpenID provider you use. What are these for? I click on one and it highlights... but does nothing.

I type in my ID (without the myopenid.com suffix) and it doesn't work. I type in my name and then click the icon and it just clears out the input field.

What are these icons for? I can't find a use for clicking on them and it has confused me for quite a while now.

Edit: After seeing the responses I understand how it works. For some reason I was simply ignoring the smaller icons below the large ones. However, I still think it could be made quite a bit more obvious somehow. The interface is definitely "making me think". Discuss?


For example, when I log in, I click the myopenid icon and type in myopenid username.

alt text http://cznp.com/images/myopenid.jpg

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    +1 for the circle and legible mouse text – squillman Oct 17 '09 at 17:07

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