I want to write something basic like "10 $US" but sometimes it makes the text look weird. It changes the font and writes italic text. And sometimes it will insert a newline. For example in my answer for this question.

How can I safely insert a dollar sign?

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    For reference: the list of MathJax-enabled sites. A couple of them use \$ as formula delimiters, so on those sites the lone $ will render normally. But on most, $ is a MathJax delimiter. – user259867 Aug 9 '15 at 3:35
  • [backslash] [dollar sign] – Mazura Jun 21 '18 at 2:21

Many Stack Exchange sites which involve a strong use of mathematics will have MathJax enabled for easily creating mathematical formulas. This script uses the dollar sign as a beginning and ending delimiter, so you will have to escape them like so: \$

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