I just upvoted this answer and received the pop-up message:

You haven't voted on questions in a while; questions need votes too!

I voted on a question only 4 hours prior to receiving the popup message.

I think the reason I got this message is because I've viewed a long thread after my last question vote and had voted on a lot of answers.

I count I've voted on about 12 answers since my last vote on a question.

I know vote ratio of questions to answers is more useful, but 4 hours since I voted on a question and only having voted on 12 answers is not really much.


Perhaps the maths which determines if I've "not voted in a while" could buy a watch? So as well as count the number of answers I've voted since last vote on question, also include the time period since I last voted on a question.

Or if it already includes a time period, a tweak is needed so users are only nudged if the time period is long, and/or the ratio of votes for question to answer is low.

More importantly, my total all time votes and question to answer ratio is currently:

  • Upvotes: 1,444
  • Downvotes: 719
  • On Questions: 1,389
  • On Answers: 774

I have voted on questions nearly twice as much as I have on answers.

So ideally whatever calculations are done to see if I should be shown the message, would also look at my total stats.
My stats show someone who does not need to be reminded to vote on questions ;)

That said, I made this a discussion (not bug or FR) because maybe this is not worth the effort given it's just a gentle message (well, gentle barring the apostrophe!)

Perhaps it is worthwhile, and some users with similar stats as me might be annoyed, and it have detrimental effects.

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    I don't think that message is time-based at all. I'm pretty sure it just looks at your consecutive votes, no matter how far apart they may be spaced, time-wise. Commented Aug 13, 2015 at 19:39
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    I think your proposal is fair. If your analysis is right, the message math should be changed. Commented Aug 13, 2015 at 19:41
  • Robots don't buy watches, especially math. Commented Aug 15, 2015 at 1:38
  • The threshold is described at meta.stackexchange.com/questions/113862/… Commented Dec 25, 2019 at 22:21

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The pop-up is totally misleading and I agree with Fish Below the Ice. I upvoted about 12 answers in about 30 seconds (and removed most of them of course) and got the same exact pop-up as you did.

Now it says that you haven't voted on questions for a while. Instead of "a while" being a time-based thing, I think that the developers wanted to say something like:

You have been only voting on answers a lot. Please remember that questions deserves votes too!

So when they say a while, they mean that you have only been voting for answers and a for a lot of answers. The popup should be edited as you said to one similar to the example I provided where users can be less confused whether it's time-based or vote counts based.

In conclusion, the pop-up will appear after about 12+ consecutive votes on answers only and probably in the same day in UTC time. When they mean "a while", they are meaning the above instead of a time-based thing.


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